Ever wonder about the cost savings of hiring an out-sourced marketing agency?

Any successful executive understands that marketing is a critical, yet complicated, component of an organization’s success. 

If you don’t do it, you risk losing your potential customers to your competition. 

However, if you do it, your limited time and resources are focused on your marketing efforts and not your business—the stuff you do best.  

While every organization should be doing marketing, not everyone should be doing marketing. For most, it is a frustrating drain on time and resources. 

So they stop. 

What if there was an alternative? 

What if your organization engaged a fractional (aka out-sourced) marketing agency?  An experienced team of experts dedicated to realizing real, tangible results?

Budget is always a factor, but the companies we represent understand that the cost of engaging an experienced agency, such as Bolder Creative, is a fraction of the cost, time commitment, and sometimes paralyzing frustration of doing it inhouse.

Consider the potential Monthly Salary Cost of hiring a marketing department:

Cost of a Fractional Marketing Department

In our experience, outsourcing your marketing to a fractional marketing agency costs… well, a fraction of the cost of building your own department. 

How big a fraction can Bolder &Co. help you save? It depends. The marketing needs of every organization are different, and we would need to know a little bit more about you, your organization, what you’re looking for and where you want to go in order to be able to provide an estimate. But we’d love to help you find out.

Interested?  We certainly hope so! 

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