Destination marketing works.

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The destination marketing efforts of the Ohio Ramblin’ Road Trip and Bolder & Co. Creative Studios offers visitors the opportunity to get off the beaten path and go back in time. Visit our quaint villages, historic attractions and small family owned businesses. Located in West Central Ohio; Logan, Union and Champaign counties’ attractions are accessible from US 33, US 68, and US 36.

The three counties offer many attractions for all ages.

All three counties have trails of flavors. Discover stops that will tempt your taste buds, such as Marie’s Candies, where over 80 varieties of candies await, made from only the highest quality ingredients. Visit Freshwater Farms for a wonderful selection of trout, smoked or seasoned, in fillets, patties or spreads, or take time to pet the Great Lakes sturgeon in their just-for-fun petting zoo.

Relax and enjoy the many wineries and small family owned restaurants along the way. With everything there is to do, you will be able to fill your day…maybe even two.

Blue Ohio Ramblin Road Trip Shirt


The intention was that we created an experience.  Inspired by the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky, we designed and printed a passport which could be stamped at participating vendors.  Once the stamps were collected, the traveler could run in the passport for a tee shirt.

Blue Ohio Ramblin Road Trip Shirt

Follow the creased and crinkled path to discover new adventures, delicious eateries, and relaxing places to spend the night.  From touring a manufacturing plant, to ladies’ night out, to the mother trying to entertain three small children—there is something for everyone to experience and enjoy in Western Ohio.

To learn more about the Ohio Ramblin’ Road Trip, you can explore their vibrant website. There, you’ll find special events, an e-version of the map, local businesses, and more.

The Results.

The success of The Ohio Ramblin’ Road trip has been immediate for the collaborative counties.  Vendors and visitors alike have benefited from the brand.  “Tourism is often an unseen economic force that provides substantial financial rewards to local markets,” explains Tina Knotts, Director of Union County’s Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.  Indeed, the return on investments for destination marketing is staggering; independent research has demonstrated that Ohio receives 14 state and local tax dollars for every one dollar it spends on tourism ad campaigns.