5 Reasons You Should Include Social Media In Your Marketing Strategy

Whether you’ve been in business for a day or a decade, you’ve probably had to ask if, why, or how to incorporate social media into your business. Now, if the idea of making content for your business on social media makes you want to run and hide, don’t grab your go-bag just yet! Let’s take a step back and chat about it for just a second.

At Bolder, we like to say we’re channel agnostic, meaning we’ll follow the leads, no matter where they’re coming from. And we get that not everyone is as social media or tech-savvy as their 14-year-old niece. But stick with us!

Here are our top 5 reasons we think you should include social media in your marketing strategy:

  1. Increase your brand awareness. Your business is your brand, and your brand is your business. We’ll put our stake in the ground on that point. Establishing a solid brand is our number one, and social media is an easy way to expand your brand awareness to a broader audience.
  2. Reach more potential customers. Better brand awareness breathes life into the lead generation cycle. Maintaining a presence on social media platforms boosts client confidence that your business is going strong and is reliable. You know how that outdated website can be a turn-off to prospective customers? An inactive or nonexistent presence on social media can inadvertently send the message that your company is out-of-touch with the current market, even if that isn’t true.
  3. Better understand your customers. Direct messaging and comment sections provide customers with a sense that your company is accessible. Asking your followers a question on posts not only fosters connection and engagement with current customers, it also allows you to gauge the temperature of your target audience and assess the current needs and desires of your market.
  1. Better understand your competitors. Reality is, your competition is on social media, and they’re benefitting from it. (And if they’re not, you get first dibs!) No need to send in a spy or fake client to your competitors (not saying you would…). See how other companies in your field are engaging and interacting with customers and learn from them (or from their mistakes).
  1. Build long-term relationships with your customers. Want to save money by retaining current customers? Social media engagement helps you create positive, long-term connections and foster loyalty to your company and brand.

Using social media platforms not only gives your audience insight into your brand, but the people behind it. Companies typically don't have many opportunities to share faces and personalities in more professional settings (websites, newsletters, etc.), and sharing your "behind the scenes" moments can help customers understand who they are working with, what to expect, and what sets your company apart. As a result, trust and confidence in your team builds.

If you’re sold on adding social media to your marketing, but it’s still just not your thing, we’re here to help. Our team offers expertise in social media strategy and engagement, and since we’re a full-service agency, our specialists work hand in hand with our copy team to create posts that are on message and on brand. We’ll help you dip your toes in or take the full plunge! Hey, you might even have fun doing it.