Move Your Money Where It Matters Most

Managing a marketing budget is no easy feat. There are hundreds of ways you can spend your money, and, if we’re being honest, hundreds of ways you can waste your money. Figuring out where you should invest and which of those investments is going to bring you the highest ROI is the name of the game. And the game can be tricky.

Often, you don’t know how a certain channel will perform until you put in the time and the cash to figure it out, and then it’s essential to review and assess. When results don’t turn out the way you hoped, it can be frustrating. It’s back to “GO” without collecting your $200. And when you’re working with a one-trick-pony agency, you can get stuck throwing money at an ineffective channel until your contract runs out.

At Bolder, we can ease the stress of your next move. With our full-service options and expertise, your organization has access to everything it needs—all under one roof. The reality of that being there’s no limit to your budget’s flexibility. Think about it.

Our team is made up of experts in social media, digital advertising, design, brand strategy, marketing strategy, implementation, and reporting. We all work together to track which channels provide the best results, figure out why, and then adapt your strategy so that you can feel secure that you are investing in areas that are bringing you the greatest results. The best part is that once you’re in the system, moving money from one marketing channel to another is easy and can be done quickly.

Here's an example. Best Life Functional Medicine came to us asking for a website redesign and marketing support. They wanted to refresh their current brand with an updated look and feel and simplify their customer journey, making it easier for potential clients to sign up for their programs. In addition to re-working the flow of pages, we also recommended more straightforward navigation to help clients register for programs. This, however, required a more complex build on the backend and more money than the original web redesign budget included.

The client knew that as a virtual business, their website was the most important piece of their branding and marketing to get right. If people couldn’t figure out how to register for the programs, then all the marketing in the world wouldn’t help. Because their original proposal had nine months of marketing support worked into it, we were able to take some of the dollars earmarked for digital advertising and reallocate them to the website with just one conversation.

Once the site launched, we shifted funds from future marketing months to the front-end marketing budget. Though marketing won’t run as long, it will start when expected and send current and potential clients to a website that is easily navigable for them to register for classes and access needed resources.

The monetary shift here was simple. The strategy was sound, the client was pleased, and flexibility was the key. Unlike agencies that focus just on a single branch of marketing—be it digital advertising, social media, website design, or other—our full-service studio can create an adaptable flow that allows you to prioritize goals and shift funds, whenever you want, to channels that are giving you the best results. Game on!