It’s Time to Voice Your Personality

What’s your brand voice? It’s one of the most common, and most important, questions when it comes to marketing. Why? Because your voice is what defines your brand personality, and your brand personality is what resonates with potential customers and gets them excited to work with you or buy your product. The stronger your voice, the more like-minded people you’ll draw to your brand.

So how do you find the right voice? Our strategy team goes by these three golden rules:

  1. Know your audience and talk to them how they want to be talked to. This is the best way to draw your ideal customer to you.
  2. Be authentic. Your audience will know right away if you’re full of it. Don’t try to be Jimmy Fallon when your brand and everything you stand for is Bill Gates. You want everything you put out there to be a true reflection of who you are.
  3. Don’t be afraid of your feelings. Emotion is one of the best (and most effective) ways to make a connection with people. In fact, according to a recent Harris poll, 82% of consumers want a brand’s values to align with their own.

Let’s look at three brand voices our strategy team has recently brought to life through copy. First, we’ll show you how each brand described itself and then follow it up with the tone and wording we used to represent each one.

A small, start-up dumpster company

These guys came to us ready to have a little fun. Yes, they were serious about their business, but they wanted to show customers that were an easy-going team to work with. They even chose orange as their color of preference describing it as bright and cheerful. The strategy team was given carte blanche to create a playful brand story and website to bring a smile to people’s faces. What resonates more than a company that makes you happy?

Here's a sampling of the voice we came up with to help them market their company when it first opened:

Let’s talk trash! Did you know our 20-yard dumpster carries the equivalent of 3 tons—the same weight as two adult hippos? Imagine the damage those big guys could do to the back of your pick-up. Stop the wear and tear on your truck and let us do the heavy lifting for you.  We have smaller-sized dumpsters for those baby-hippo-sized projects too!

A camper rental company

This family-owned business was all about helping people get away from it all, slow down this crazy life, get outside, enjoy nature, create amazing experiences, and make special memories. That’s what they loved, and they were stoked to help others enjoy it as well. We latched on to their emotional enthusiasm and created a unique voice that not only welcomed but inspired potential customers to find the freedom of the open road and make memories of their own.

Here’s part of the brand story we wrote for their site to give people a good understanding of who the people behind the campers are:

Setting you up for camping fun every time. From one camper in 2019 to a fleet of 30 today, we found our stride in helping others discover an affordable, clean, and reliable travel option. We’ll get you anywhere from a gorgeous campground along the banks of a secluded lake to that long-awaited music fest across state lines. Or just pack up and take a trip to visit family and friends all over the country. To us, it’s all about helping you make special memories that will last a lifetime.

Whatever fun you have on your itinerary, we’re here to give you advice, swap stories, and do what we can to put you in the driver’s seat of your own adventure.

Innovative, hi-tech company

This high-tech product design and development company came to us looking for an upgrade to their brand voice and look. Looking to resonate with a high-tech audience, they wanted to be bold and inspiring without sounding arrogant. We took this challenge head-on and gave them a voice that was sophisticated and expert yet still approachable.

Here’s an excerpt from the brand story we wrote for them:

More than a name, Kaledioscope is a bold perspective. It’s the intersection of science and art. A place where the possibilities for achieving perfection are ever-changing, limitless. This is our mindset.

When clients hire Kaleidoscope Innovation for product design and development, they get a full range of technical expertise and laboratory resources. They also get a team that’s relentless in its pursuit of solving problems and creating designs that are the optimal balance between function and form…We are big and little-picture thinkers—champions of creativity armed with the most sophisticated tools of our trade. 

Whatever you decide you want your brand personality to be, make it authentic, keep it consistent, and don’t be afraid to show who you really are. That’s how you draw in your ideal customers, the ones who want to work with you for reasons that go far beyond your product or service.