Yes, You Do Need a Full-Service Marketing Agency

Sure, as a full-service marketing agency ourselves, we may be a little biased. But, we’re not wrong. Here’s why.

Full-service marketing agencies can do everything for you in one stop. From brand strategy to office design to marketing analytics and everything in between. Think about it, no more juggling nine different agencies to get the results you want. But before we get too ahead of ourselves, let’s roll it back a bit....

So what is a full service marketing agency? We’re so glad you asked.

Imagine a clock. A statement grandfather clock, perhaps a family heirloom. It’s a single clock, yes? True enough, but now consider all the elements that make that clock the grand piece standing before you. There are parts, materials, design, form, technology and engineering that all work together to become a cohesive, functioning structure. (Hear that rich chime in your head? So good.)

So now consider your company. You need a brand ­­– a cohesive one. And that single brand has many, many parts, just like that beautiful clock. Art and design, messaging, photography, copy, social media, marketing, just to name a few of the contributing pieces. But like the clock, you need all these parts and pieces to communicate and work seamlessly together to create that one resounding statement.

That’s what we do at Bolder. We seamlessly connect all the parts and pieces of your brand for you building out a consistent message, look, and feel across all channels so your customers know who you are and what they can expect from you.

It may sound tongue and cheek, but at our studio, we really do it all. When you work with us we can help you manage:

  • Brand research
  • Competition review
  • Sales process
  • Account-based marketing (ABM)
  • Search engine marketing (SEM) and optimization (SEO)
  • Integrated campaigns
  • Product/company launches
  • Website design and development
  • PR and social media audits
  • Cost or Pay Per Click services (PPC)
  • Storefront and office design

We have in-house graphic and art design, copywriting, and marketing teams. We have specialists in PPC, social media, ABM, and more. Our creative team links up constantly to cultivate consistent brand development and production.

Imagine juggling all these different mediums and programs and concepts and attempting to implement them fluidly. Add multiple companies into the mix. It’s nearly impossible to obtain a consistent voice and message across those streams. We believe the best value for your company is to find an agency to provide multiple targeted solutions for all your branding, marketing, and sales support needs.

We go into the cost-effectiveness of hiring an out-sourced marketing agency here. Check it out.

One of the most common problems our prospective clients come to us with is the scattered and messy results of working with too many “cooks in the kitchen.” The come to us for a fluid approach, and we get to work making their branding and marketing fit together like hand-in-glove.

Here’s our two-cents: If you want a rock-solid brand, work with an agency that can guarantee brand consistency across all channels AND help you grow your business.