Bolder & Co. scores another national award!

Ultimately, wowing our clients and helping them grow their business is our benchmark for success. But we can’t help a little blush of pride to hear we received an award for “Best in Digital + UX Design” from Graphic Design USA for our design and development of Lichtman Law’s new website. (

With all our digital work, our approach is to give center stage to the most important messages. In the case of Lichtman Law, copy and design were equal partners in establishing a bold focus on the firm’s winning verdicts in actual cases. That way their current and potential clients clearly understood the firm’s #1 priority.

The bottom line: businesses of all sizes need a website that does the heavy lifting to convert casual interest into sales leads. That way you and your team can focus on keeping your customers happy.

If your website isn’t working as hard as it should, talk to us. Whatever your budget, we have a range of options to provide world-class websites that shine. And sometimes win awards.

Thanks, Rachel Lichtman, for entrusting us with your brand. 

And thanks for the honor, #GDUSA.