Pencil Bison Ranch

Pencil Bison Ranch, a premier bison ranching operation located in the Midwest, is a dream-turned-reality for its health-conscious young owners, high school sweethearts Jeb and Megan Pencil. PBR exists to bring an all-natural and ethically-treated bison farm back to life once again in the beautiful countryside of the Pencils’ very own hometown—Urbana, Ohio.

Lacking a brand identity, having inherited an outdated website from the previous owner, and looking for a team of creatives to develop and share their story with the world, they reached out to Bolder & Co. Creative Studios. We, of course, eagerly accepted the charge and went to work building a great brand.

Roam wild and be free.

With the culmination of a brand identity, a compelling brand narrative, a new website, and modern apparel, we gave Jeb and Megan a brand that suited their needs from the very beginning…and we had a lot of fun doing it. Pencil Bison Ranch has since eagerly embraced its new identity and has not only begun to confidently engage in local farmers markets and surrounding events. They have experienced explosive growth through our exposure efforts. We look forward to cheering from the sidelines as the Pencil Bison Ranch brand grows and takes root in the community as a business built on love, hard work, and the pursuit of the American dream.