As purveyors of sophisticated natural design, environmental artists, and creators of sacred spaces, Tumber’s only true rival is Mother Nature herself.

With over 40 years of experience and a reputation as the best in the industry, Tumber & Associates didn’t need any help getting business. What they did need, however, was a brand identity that coincided with their unprecedented caliber of work as landscape artists and creative engineers. Tumber came to us for help creating that image. We designed a brand identity and narrative to incorporate the same level of elegance, refinement, and intricacy as is evident in each and every project that Tumber delivers.

“The result was effortless interaction between our company and the team at Bolder, with every deliverable being above and beyond what we expected.

— Garrett Evans, General Manager —

While the Tumber philosophy is simple, designing a brand identity that would capture their accolades was not. Tumber & Associates needed a brand and overlapping narrative that would match the extent to which they pride themselves on their work. They needed a sophisticated, high-class brand—providing them with an identity that would match their unsurpassed design experience and know-how. We began by acknowledging that Tumber & Associates is not in the landscaping business. They are artisans in the landscaping arts craft. As a result of the rebranding, both the volume and quality of leads for Tumber & Associates has increased, with potential clients approaching them with a sense of trust and ease that did not previously exist. In addition to increased sales and higher-quality prospects, Tumber experienced a fundamental shift in confidence internally and developed a deeper reverence for their own authority and presence within the industry.