When Bolder & Co. began working with Olistica, we sought to brand a sustainable leadership model and practice, inspired by their Italian roots and holistic approach. We took advantage of the opportunity to work with Olistica to create a brand narrative that would capture their desire to provide lasting results, integrate the whole person, and transform individuals through leading research and practical tools. Going back to the roots of the Olistica brand, we identified a name that would convey their message with clarity and relevance. Olistica represents holistic health, seeing the whole person, and appreciating the complexities of a person’s emotional, social, physical and personal well-being. We continued to build on that foundation with brand identity development, custom web design, white paper design, content marketing, and promotional items.

"When I think of Bolder I think creativity, solutions, and teamwork. Mark and the team are successful because they listen, and they know how to walk the client journey from concept discovery to product launch. Most of all, they act from a place of integrity and service in all they do. They will elevate your vision and help you get results."

— Steve Romano —

Bolder & Co. set out to harness Olistica’s strengths by clearly capturing and conveying the Olistica message derived from the reputation, leadership, and work of Dr. Steve Romano, Managing Director and Certified Executive Coach. Steve holds a PhD in Leadership and Change and teaches at the School of Management and Leadership at Alliant International University. His work is informed by many years as a contemplative practitioner, helping to create positive change for a dynamic world. By providing a solid brand foundation, Bolder & Co. positioned Olistica to do what they do best: inspire leaders to change their world through being.