Midwest Express

For over thirty years, Midwest Express, Inc., a subsidiary of Honda Logistics North America, has provided world-class logistics and consolidation center experience. When MEI came to us they were facing a variety of challenges consisting of recruiting and retaining quality employees, an outdated website, and a lackluster Associate morale.

As a direct result of our consulting, design, and strategy efforts, MEI created a cascading energy internally and encouraged brand loyalty by becoming a better place to work. MEI’s qualities and passion for transparency and authenticity, combined with Bolder’s needs-specific marketing tactics, brought to life one of the greatest brand narratives to define the global logistics industry.

Our goal is to become a global leader in the consolidation center, transportation, and logistics arenas.

Our objective with MEI was to bring the brand to life in their corporate office by focusing on the integral areas where clients and Associates interact with one another. We worked extensively to capture the brand through a variety of mediums and to bring the brand’s Associate and community-centric message to life. Through environmental design, website design and development, brand videos, and content marketing, we helped MEI effectively demonstrate the company’s core values and commitment towards excellence, empower existing Associates, and inspire onboarding Associates.