Woodruff Farms

A rapidly-growing transportation services company, Woodruff Enterprises, approached Bolder & Co. with a need for a new brand identity and packaging strategy for expansion into the dairy industry. With industry trends converging at local and convenient, Woodruff saw an opportunity to enter an industry in which they already possessed vast connections and insight, derived from a family heritage deeply rooted in farming and agriculture. Though they possessed experience, and had established key industry relationships, Woodruff Enterprises needed branding experts to guide them through the branding and marketing process. That’s when Woodruff Farms emerged, and the start of a great company committed to producing premium milk “from farm to table” was birthed.

“It’s not just about getting from point a to point b. The Woodruff Farms goal is to work with honesty and integrity, building long-lasting relationships by simply providing superior products and service.”

Woodruff Farms sought out to disrupt the local dairy scene by entering the market as a well-known, local farm with big connections. Driven by a quality commitment second to none, Woodruff Farms collaborated with Bolder & Co. to cultivate the right messaging, identity, and packaging to position their products at a shelf above the rest. As one of the most competitive industries for entry, deciding to emerge as a leading local dairy provider was challenging and bold. We embraced the challenge and positioned Woodruff Farms with a brand and packaging solutions that not only got them noticed, but pushed them closer to the top.