In an industry long dominated by giant, 20+-year-old companies like SAP Fieldglass, VNDLY—just four years in business—was a complete newcomer to the vendor management software (VMS) space. Their founders set their sights on making a product that was elegantly simple and offered a transparent environment where companies, their extended workforce and vendors had a digital home in which to collaborate.

Our mission was a bit of a tightrope walk: Create an evolved brand that captured VNDLY’s essence, attracted the market’s attention, clearly communicated what they offered, competed with the “big guys”, and satisfied the needs and interests of the founders, executive team and their VC investors, plus design and build a multi-layered website, produce print collateral and a range of templates all within a hard deadline of 6 months.

Starting with message strategy and branding elements, we reimagined the VNDLY brand as a living expression of their product’s key differentiators. The result was a brand essence that was friendly yet confident, simple yet powerful—all grounded in the company’s dedicated, customer-driven mission.

With focus, determination and a lot of video meetings, Bolder worked lockstep with the VNDLY team to ensure all milestones were achieved and a shiny new website was launched, ready to support the company’s aggressive sales objectives.