ROTH Real Estate Group

Roth Real Estate Group is atypical.

As a boutique real estate firm, Roth focuses on providing its clients the highest quality real estate brokerage,
management, and development services that Columbus, Ohio has to offer.

Roth came to Bolder looking for a partner that could capture their outlook on the way they do business. We worked with the
Roth team to deliver a highly responsive and service based website that captured their unique and atypical character.

“We've been given that large firm presence while maintaining the boutique firm that we really are.”
— Will Roth, Founder/Principal & CEO, Roth Real Estate Group —

Bolder & Co. gave the Roth Real Estate Group brand the momentum it needed. When we create a brand, we’re giving the client more than a just a facelift; we’re instilling an invaluable sense of confidence, one with which they can go bravely forward and blaze new industry trails.