Direct vs. organic | Understanding website hits

Mar 05, 19

Not all website traffic is created equally. Sure, at the end of the day website traffic is the amount of users that find your website. However, how is it created?

There are two different categories of website hits: direct and organic.

Direct Website Hits

Direct hits are generated when consumers type in your exact URL. For example, our direct hits are from our clients typing in “” These are from clients that know of our service and are either ready to do business or looking to learn more.

There is nothing wrong with direct hits. They’re great. We are glad we made an impression and that we have clients, or potential clients, who are eager to learn more. However, there is another form of website hits—one could even argue that they are better.

Organic Website Hits

Indirect hits are arguably better because they are the backbone for business growth. This is when a potential client searches Google for your particular good or service and your company’s name pops up. Unlike direct hits, they are the result of true digital marketing.

Whether or not this potential client has heard of you has little to no effect on your organic website hit. As a result, you have the ability to reach a wider range of new clientele—increasing your capacity to gain attract new business.

Organic website traffic is generated with the help of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is a marketing strategy that is dedicated to growing visibility in non-paid search results. In other words, proper SEO will rank your website on the first page of Google, allowing your clients and potential clients to easily and conveniently find you during their search.

Hide-and-seek is fun as a child’s game, but not when it comes to the future of your business. You can’t hope that your clients will search multiple Google pages and happen to find you. They won’t find you, they’ll find your competitor. In order to grow and maintain new business, your company needs SEO, visit

Some Success Stories

Google: "Scuba diving Liveaboards luxury cruises"
Our client: All Star Liveaboards. You’ll see two of your boats with Aqua Cat and Blackbeard’s Cruises.

Google: "Union, Champaign, and Logan County road trip"
Our Client: Ohio’s Ramblin’ Road Trip

Google: “Cane Corso breeder”
Our client: Americana Cane Corso
Our client: Mad River Cane Corso

We could go on, but no one likes a show-off. Are you ready to be a success story?