Light Street Tin Shop

Forty years ago, Reed Sour discovered a lost art when a retired sheet metal worker taught him how to create layouts and patterns using the centuries-old method of tinsmithing. His passion for the craft was ignited, sparking the birth of Light Street Tin Shop.

We partnered with Light Street Tin Shop to help Reed realize his dream of crafting artisan lamps and light fixtures, providing him a platform to tell the world the story of how his passion project grew into a real business. With a brand identity, refined brand narrative, website design and development, brand story video production, and product photography for his new e-commerce site, we lit the way for Reed to emerge commanding a brand to match his artistic prowess.

“A brand shouldn’t have to choose between quality design or keeping the lights on in the office. Ever.”

We develop great brands. A great brand illuminates the road ahead, enabling companies both small and large to run their business with more confidence. Thanks to his partnership with Bolder, Reed amassed the confidence he needed to move forward. With a focus on providing quality products at competitive prices, Light Street offers an illuminating experience between tinman and customer that merges a love for old-home restoration with a passion for producing the right design for every client’s unique needs. Forty years later, Bolder revived the brand’s internal flame—giving Reed the boost he needed to finally get Light Street Tin Shop up and running for all to see.