Senior Graphic Designer


We are going to skip the typical job description.

We are looking for a badass Graphic Designer – a creative partner that is willing to roll up his/her sleeves, leave their ego at the door, and wow the socks off of our clients.

We love our clients and they love us. This isn’t a culture of complacency. We can’t use folks that have no real appreciation for creativity, have no sense of urgency, are crippled by self-doubt, and are unable to recognize style if it would sit on their lap and wiggle.

Heck, do a bit of soul-searching. If that’s you, do us both a favor and don’t waste your time applying.

However, if this piques your curiosity,  is eagerly awaiting your portfolio and resume.

Oh, and by the way, we offer medical, dental, vision, 401K, PTO, bonuses, a flexible working environment and much more.