CT Comm

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A full-service, independently owned and operated provider of high-speed Internet, phone, and TV services, CT Comm is the local industry leader and driving force behind innovative technology in the rural communities in which they serve. Since 1898, they have served the residential and business communities of central Champaign County, Ohio.

Bolder & Co. Creative Studios provided CT Comm with a business growth strategy, a cutting-edge rebrand, and an annual marketing strategy that continues to impact the way they regard themselves internally and the way the community perceives them externally. We reinstated brand confidence within their organization and reestablished CT Comm as the irrefutable force in reliable Internet and network solutions within their service markets.

“Their professionalism and qualifications, including employing professionals with a diverse background with respect to marketing and brand strategy, have enabled our company the opportunity to reduce customer churn and achieve an increased customer base. ”

— Tim Bolander, President —
CT Comm faced concerns that many organizations encounter, particularly those that have survived significant market changes and have worked hard to stay progressive throughout such market shifts: change, or be left behind? We helped CT Comm face those concerns boldly, providing them with a new brand identity without losing the historical significance of their organizational heritage. We merged the two to create a smart, new brand identity equipped to thrive in the modern world while still boasting the experience and connections garnered from over a century in the network solutions business. With a clear plan for moving forward, CT Comm emerged infused with invigorating confidence and a renewed sense of urgency, which generated a boost in brand awareness and increased their customer base.