Website Design

Website Design

March 28, 2019

Research indicates that 97% of potential customers will research a company online before committing. And 30% of the population says they won’t work with a company that doesn’t have a strong online presence.

The reality is that your website has the power to make or break your brand’s very survival.

Whether you need a website design that puts you ahead of your competition, establishes you as the local authority in your field or provides you a fresh, modern look with better SEO and a clear message—Bolder Creative has the experience required to take you to the next level.

Every website, just like every logo and every brand narrative, is as unique as the client behind it. There is no one-size-fits-all web design that suits every client in every industry.

That’s why at Bolder we don’t believe in templated solutions. We don’t use cookie-cutter strategies. All of our websites are custom designed and built specifically for the needs of the client we are working with.

Launching a brand new website, redesign or e-commerce store is an exciting time for any business and doesn’t have to have a hefty price tag. At Bolder, you can get Wall Street experience at Main Street pricing so you never have to choose between “adequate” and “industry-leading”.

With us, you can afford to stay in the only place you want to be: AHEAD OF THE CURVE. 

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