Graphic designer

Our hope is to find a Graphic Designer who values creative strategy, loves a tight brief, builds on it, and takes it to heights the client couldn’t have imagined.
Bolder & Co. Creative Studios helps clients reach ambitious revenue and customer engagement goals by producing the highest caliber brand development and design combined with data-smart marketing. The studio was borne out of an entrepreneurial spirit that is striving to hit the reset button on corporate America.
We are looking for like-minded entrepreneurial creatives that want a bit more out of life – to do meaningful work, have fun in the process, and get paid what they are truly worth.
We love our clients and they love us. This isn’t a culture of complacancy. We can’t use folks that have:
a.) no real appreciation for creativity,
b.) have no sense of urgency,
c.) are crippled by self-doubt, and
d.) are unable to recognize style if it would sit on their lap and wiggle.
We are looking for something specific – a creative partner that is willing to roll up his/her sleeves, leave their ego at the door, and wow the socks off of the clients of our clients.
Again and again.
Bolder & Co. Creative Studios helps clients reach ambitious revenue and customer engagement goals by producing the highest caliber brand development and design combined with data-smart marketing.
Be Bolder.
We choose to be uninhibited by traditional thinking. We are fiercely loyal, committed to building rich and meaningful connections, and deeply dedicated to helping one another live better lives by offering opportunities to grow and make bold choices.
Clients for life.
We take pride in producing the highest quality work from day 1 through day 1000 and beyond. We change and adapt right along with our clients so that our work stays fresh and always on point. As a fully engaged partner, we point out opportunities and raise our hands when we have concerns. In this way, we invest ourselves in our clients’ success and longevity.
• More than just coworkers, the people at Bolder are a crew, providing each other with the tools to succeed, opportunities to stretch, space to be ourselves, and laughter…lots of laughter. We admire each other, challenge each other, and genuinely like each other.
• We are real, showing up as our honest selves without pretense or pretentiousness.
• We are candid even if it means having uncomfortable conversations.
• We are passionate as we live optimistically and dive headfirst into challenges.
• We are invested in each other, recognizing that “we” is a better, more satisfying way to work than “I”, and that the most important part of our culture is that we care about each other.
• We are excellence-driven, bringing our A-game for every client and being proactive in tackling their needs.
• We are invested, taking personal ownership in and holding ourselves accountable for the studio’s success.
• We are continually learning on our own and from each other, about our respective craft and the world around us, believing that enriching our minds is how we live our best lives.
We would rather be our clients’ shot of whiskey than everyone’s cup of tea.
Bolder & Co. Creative Studios works with organizations that are hungry for growth. The ones that understand that a dynamic brand and smart marketing are essential to reaching new revenue heights and earning real customer engagement.
Armed with experience from working with some of the world’s most iconic brands at powerhouse agencies, we’re a team of seasoned professionals who walked away from that scene to partner with like-minded, down-to-earth colleagues who were smart, passionate, and a hell of a lot of fun to work with.
We’re humble enough to know that we don’t have all the answers but dogged enough to find them. We’re also listeners that know we can only do right by our clients if we take the time to understand their business, including the people who built it, the people that drive it, where the company has been and where it wants to go.
Here’s our promise to clients: We will give you our best work and beyond. In exchange, we need your enthusiasm and full participation every step of the way. Because we are not magicians waving our wands and creating amazing brands. Amazing brands are created within your organization, forged from the culture and values you have established. Our team is simply translating the attributes you already own or aspire to have into a brand that resonates.
You haven’t met an agency like Bolder & Co.
• Completely flexible work environment. Tell us how (and how much) you want to work… just be consistent and produce the results our clients expect
• Unique studio with equal parts brand creation, marketing strategy, and business acumen
• Truly full-service for all things branding & marketing
• Strategic creative work informed by data, market insights, and psychology
• Deep experience across all industries
• A seasoned, real, easy-to-work-with team
It’s the kind of self-awareness and knowledge that comes from experience as well as careful navigation and understanding of complex relationships. We’ve carried forward time-tested best practices and shed the approaches that don’t serve us or our clients well. But that doesn’t mean we’re not continually inviting and applying new lessons.
As a team, Bolder is efficient, effective, and darned good at producing the highest caliber strategic marketing and creative work.
• Caring
• Enthusiastic
• Excellence-Driven
• Candid
• Inquisitive
• Down-to-Earth
We seek someone who will foster an ambitious creative agenda, who will work with our team to determine brand strategy, and relentlessly push through all channels: web, print, photography, social media, apparel, etc.  The ideal applicant should understand this is a business and it’s not about being creative for the sake of being creative, but to address a client’s tangible business need.  And if you win a few awards in the process, we certainly wouldn’t complain.

We need someone who can mentor a couple of creative teams, develop them, manage their careers, and elevate their work.

What we expect.

  • Conceptualizing and executing brand campaigns across channels as appropriate
  • Deliver every idea and assignment with creativity and passion
  • Work closely with cross-functional teams
  • Ability to design materials true to the brand identity of product and style guidelines set
  • Ensure work is in line with the goals of the project, and that client needs are met
  • Ability to effectively articulate ideas, present to groups internally and externally
  • Open communication with team to share progress of work and design
  • Manage time wisely across projects, ensure deadlines are met on time
  • An eye for detail and understanding of trends and graphic communication.
  • Proficient in design language across multiple mediums, including web design and understanding of branding and logo development.



  • 2-3 years of graphic design experience required
  • Fluent in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Xd
  • Proficient in Microsoft & Google Apps


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